Blood Quantum Game



Blood Quantum a Game?

Blood Quantum is a turn-based tactics/exploration game surrounding the vibrant world and home of Drawplets. 

Unlike other turn-based RPG/RTS type games, in Blood Quantum characters are not meant to feel like throw away resources. Characters are permanently lost when the die and combat is considered a fail in most cases when a character dies.

Empathy is the focus. When we consider its influences in design, most mechanics are deconstructed with the intent of putting the “humanity back in the systems”. Where most games will apply quick representation of life, for example, Blood Quantum will cherish the loses ceremonially.

Though this is meant to be a learning tool, it is not an academic one. Blood Quantum is an allegory and a metaphor for events in history, but not with the intent or focus on dates and locations or war, but rather the exploration of the emotional and social impact on the people who lived it.

Blood Quantum is intended to be accessible to anyone with the hardware to play it. The business platform is not to make a profit, but rather to spread the farthest reach. The application will be free with optional donation for support.

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